"On behalf of the City Council and the community, please accept our sincere appreciation for the time and valuable help that you have contributed to the development of the Wagenaar Army Reserve Center BRAC Plan."

- Joyce O., Pasco

Welcome to Harms Engineering

Harms Engineering, Inc. (HEI) is a professional engineering consulting company that has served more than 2,900 clients since opening its doors in 1980, and as of 2013 is a Washington certified Women's Business Enterprise (Women-Owned Business).

Our clients include contractors, architects/designers, land developers, insurance claims adjusters, attorneys, home and business owners, realtors, steel fabricators and water associations.  The projects they bring are diverse and often present unique problems requiring individualized engineering solutions.

Whoever our clients are and whatever projects they bring, two guiding principles influence our company's practice:

1. People are more important than projects

We value our clients and allow their unique needs to determine the template by which each product is created.

2. Solutions must be practical

We think there is truth in the adage that "to the optimist the glass is 1/2 full; to the pessimist the glass is 1/2 empty; to the engineer the glass is twice as big as it needs to be."  Therefore, while we love the challenge of solving problems, we place a high priority on listening to clients' needs and providing solutions that are practical and fit their situation.