Civil Engineering & Consulting Authentic, Reachable, and Practical Engineering Solutions Since 1980

We Keep It Civil On-Site Construction Experience

At Harms Engineering we are not only technical experts in our fields, we have experience in the field to secure your vision during the construction phase. We value our connection to contractors and the construction process, empowering your vision beyond the build.

  • Civil Engineering

    Providing unique and innovative ways to respond to the needs of public and private sectors

  • Structural Engineering

    Designing structures that counteract forces of nature and protect lives 

  • Water Systems

    Helping domestic water systems satisfy regulatory requirements within the confines of the system

  • Forensic Engineering

    Analyzing failures for legal, insurance, and future development purposes

Is Your Project Outside the Box?

Example Projects Providing Community Support Through Engineering

Our clients include contractors, architects/designers, land developers, insurance claim adjusters, attorneys, home and business owners, realtors, steel fabricators and water associations. The projects they bring are diverse and often present unique problems requiring individualized engineering solutions.

“Harms Engineering has been an exceptional teaming partner on every project we have worked together on. They are proactive, timely, diligent in what they do, and simply a joy to work with. I can feel confident that when working with them, the outcome will be thoughtful and successful. They have my highest praise in their craft.”

Brian Harris

Principal, TCA Architecture Planning

Our Guiding Principles Quality Engineering & Positive Working Relationships

Whoever our clients are and whatever projects they bring, two guiding principles influence our company's practice:

  • 1

    People are more important than projects

    We value our clients and allow their unique needs to determine the template by which each product is created.

  • 2

    Solutions must be practical

    While we love the challenge of solving problems, we place a high priority on listening to clients' needs and providing solutions that are practical and fit their situation.