Forensic Engineering Tracking Failure to Resolution

Understanding Structural Failures A Complete Investigation

When conducting an investigation, impartiality is our criterion. The evidence discloses the story of what occurred. Our forensic process is multi-faceted. It may include physical examinations, measurements, photos, testing when appropriate, personal interviews, consultations with specialists and sub-consultants, literature research, establishing a chronology of events, and developing a standard of care when required. The resulting documentation may include written reports or repair plan preparation.

Understanding failure improves our designs. And understanding design improves our ability to perform successful failure analyses.

Forensic Projects Include:

  • Cause and Origin Determination

  • Structural Assessments of Fire-damaged Buildings

  • Evaluation of Improperly Constructed Buildings

  • Waterline/Pipeline Failures

  • Moisture Damage Assessment

  • Determine Extent of Foundation Settlement

  • Sewer Lift Station & Force Main Failures

  • Irrigation System Failures (i.e. Pumps, Pipes, Connections)

  • Slip & Fall Events

Example Projects Providing Community Support Through Engineering

Our clients include contractors, architects/designers, land developers, insurance claim adjusters, attorneys, home and business owners, realtors, steel fabricators and water associations. The projects they bring are diverse and often present unique problems requiring individualized engineering solutions.

“I have worked with Harms Engineering thru-out my career in the building industry and have found them to be responsive to our needs as a contractor. We have never had any kick-backs from the local buildings jurisdictions and their technical drawings are straight forward and easy to understand. They are the team to call when you need quality engineering.”

Darrel Peak

Project Manager, 1st Choice Restoration


Our Process We Work With You From Start to Finish

It is our goal to listen to your needs, anticipate problems before they arise, and help you achieve your goals.

  • 1


    We meet the client to learn about their project, vision, and needs.

  • 2

    Scope of Work

    Our engineers will tailor the scope of work to the client's vision and budget.

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    We'll guide and assist the client through the entire planning process.

  • 4


    We provide design engineering, letters, reports, construction plans, and specifications.

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    We continue to assist with permitting and construction support through project completion.